These are the texts edited by the Mapping Medieval Chester project team, including material in Latin, English and Welsh. The links below allow you to move to each individual text, along with its Introduction and other critical apparatus. Different display options are available for each text, allowing you to choose the way you would like to read the material.

Throughout the texts, places are highlighted in green and persons in red. If you hover your cursor over a person, a pop-up link to the relevant Index entry will appear. If you hover over a place, a pop-up box will appear, containing a detail of the relevant map and a link to the Index. A very few places do not appear on a map: this is either because it was impractical to show them or because they will be added later. In these cases, you will be given a link to the Index only.

Life of St Werburge by Henry Bradshaw

De laude Cestrie by Lucian