chapter 21

A breue rehersall of the myracles of saynt Werburge after her translacion to Chestre

stanza 245

1714Also to blynde men she hath gyuen syght,given
To dombe men speche right perfectly,absolutely perfectly
To deffe men their heryng pleasaunt and right,proper
And helth to sicke men repleit with debilite,filled / weakness
Delyuered prisoners from captiuite,
Passage to lame men / to mad men intelligence;Ability to walk
Suche myracles shewed this blessed lady,
As ye may vnderstande in her sequens.

stanza 246

1722Women with childe by her had good delyueraunce,pregnant, in labour / delivery
Virgins defended from shame and vilany;wickedness
Her seruauntes were cured from wofull greuaunce,miserable sickness, hardship
Marchantes and mariners delyuered from ieopardye;Merchants / saved / danger
Other were saued from hangyng shamfully;
A speciall comfort, succour and defencehelp
To all carefull creatures sekyng for remedy,sorrowful
By singular grace / as sayth the sequens.special

stanza 247

1730 No wofull person in payne and wretchednes,There was no
Man, woman, childe / who-so-euer they be,whoever they might be
Comynge to the abbay with perfit mekenes,perfect humility
Makyng supplicacion to this lady free,noble
But they departed ioyfull and merie Except that / happy
To theyr dwellyng-place by her beniuolence,benevolence
And for their lyuyng had all thyng necessarie,living
As written is playnly in her sequens.

stanza 248

1738For whiche great myracles and signes continuall constant
This blessed Werburge, floure of humilite ,flower of humility
Of the people is called for grace supernall by heavenly grace
'Patrones of Chestre' / protrectrice of the countre.protector
Where next our sauiour and his mother Marie next to
She hath great honour, prayse and preeminence,
As most condigne to beare the principalite,worthy / high station
In witnes wherof recordeth her sequens.In witness of which

stanza 249

1746This holy abbasse and lady imperiall
Hath ben president in Chestre monasterie,head, ruler
Theyr trust / theyr treasure / and defence speciall
In mycle reuerence .vii. hundreth yere, trulie;great / 700 years
And so shall continue, by grace of god almyghty,
To the worldes ende, in hie magnificence.exalted
To whom be honour, worship and glorie
Euer to endure / as sayth her sequens.